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QUESTION : Can i RUN l2Tower + L2Net ??!
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cobra8co Offline

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QUESTION : Can i RUN l2Tower + L2Net ??!

How can i run l2tower l2net same pc ...

i have a solution with virtualbox , but is like i use 2 pc not one...
know samone how to use this 2 programs same pc ... please help me

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04-21-2013 23:04 PM
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Forsakendeamon Offline
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RE: QUESTION : Can i RUN l2Tower + L2Net ??!

1.first revert back windows host file to its normal so u can log l2t
2.log l2t clients
3.change windows host file so u can log l2net
4.l2net clients...
u have always to log l2t clients first cuz l2net doesnt disable gg and u cant inject l2t if gameguard is running but its all fine if u log l2t first then client with gg.
at least that solution works in my head, l2net is unsafe totaly... when i was using it... my chars where getting banned all the time... since i started with l2t ... i got one big zero bans...
now +1 me

P.S. I hope i didnt broke some rule cuz i gave u help that include other bot >.<
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04-21-2013 23:23 PM
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