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Problem when using L2tower !
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yummynml Offline

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Problem when using L2tower !

First I want to thank you Clockman for his help on the bot .
Sorry cause I post topic about bot prblem at general box coz I cant find the button new thread in that box .
I used the bot 1 days and find out some problem with the bot as follow :
1/. Wonder if it happen or not ?
As my experience , when I start the bot , I got dont send problem ( happen with deep freeze computer and not with normal computer) . Just as if there is any problem with the bot on the computer using deep freeze ?
2/.Party buff problem :
A/.Cannot buff to 2 person :
-As I play a human buff , set buff fine and the human buffer only buff to the char that she on target , she cant buff on herself except I change target to her . I mean the bot isnot auto change target and buff the the one who went off the buff .
B/.Bug with some pot :
-The buffer keep continue buff to the targeted char even she already buff it . After an hours sit and look , I find out when I kill mob, they drop some potion buff ( cri atk , moving , atk spd... ) which is higher lv than the buff of buffer and when the buffer buff that skill , the sinal of the buff didn't appear on target char . I seems the buff-system work like the buffer only stop buffing when it see the buff signal appear on target char .
And when I pick some pot . example critical pot , it is higher lv than my buffer so when she buff critical atk , the buff signal didnot appear then she keep buff that skill until gone out all her mana .
Dear coder, could you take a look and find out a way to solve this problem ?
Other funtions work find !
12-12-2011 06:23 AM
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vai69 Offline

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RE: Problem when using L2tower !

hello mr. clockman....why is it i cant configure the editor?? i typed /xcfg and the editor pop uped but i cant click on it... this happened after i updated it to version .64
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12-12-2011 06:48 AM
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