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FAQ - How to solve basic bot problems and get it working...
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FAQ - How to solve basic bot problems and get it working...

If your bot don't inject, and get some errors this is what you can have to check before you report problem:

  1. Install Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) (yes x86 version not x64).
  2. Install Visual C++ 2012 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) (yes x86 version not x64).
  3. Install .NET Framework 3.5 (solve 99% Core.dll problems).
  4. Install .NET Framework 4.0.
  5. Install .NET Framework 4.5.
  6. Install latest version of DirectX 9 SDK (I don't care what version you already have).
  7. Disable UAC (if you got Windows Vista/7).
  8. Start L2Tower bot and Game as administrator.
  9. Turn off antivirus if you got problems (some of them may prevent injecting dll's).
  10. Turn off windows firewall or add exception to it (Sometimes it can prevent from correct bot updating, our .DLL don't connect to internet, just a loader does.).
  11. Make sure you use latest version of "L2Tower Bot".
  12. Make sure that your license status in loader is "green".
  13. If you get "access denied" exception to process and you see "GameGuard.des" process in Task Manager or Process Explorer then you need diffrent game system or use "GameGuard Disable DLL (wildcard) from Fyyre".
  14. If you get any error during starting L2.exe/L2.bin from L2Tower - use "Inject into process" or "Inject into next active window" technique.
  15. Make sure you put Game and L2Tower Bot under some simple folder like D:\Games\Lineage 2\ or D:\L2Tower\ also make sure that your temp folder path (%TEMP). Bot won't work correctly if path to any of these is longer than 255 chars or contains any of language specific chars (clneolsazzcn) what are not part of English alphabetic.
  16. Make sure that "Global Patch" feature is not used, it's not longer supported. L2Sublimity admins were so kind to write tutorial for you how to disable it. Also you can try to click "X" button on third tab in our loader (but you need to check in manual way if it works).
  17. Don't use "Local Patch" feature unless running game from L2Tower works for you. If you already used it click "X" button on third tab in our loader to disable it.
  18. If you got error with "LoadLiblaryA" message open L2Tower.dll with Dependency Walker and check what .DLL's are missing. If there are "wer.dll and ieshims.dll" go to point 1. Problem exists if you got IE8 installed, you can fix it by simply rolling IE8 back to IE7. Or you may try to use this FIX (not tested by me).
  19. If game closes or crashes after injection try inject bot on character selection screen. Usually helps for basic anti-bots, lot of them just checks for bots during login process.
  20. After bot injection you can close L2Tower.exe process, some basic anti-bots checks if it's running. You can also try to use some of "hidecon" or "HideToolz" made by Fyyre.
  21. Sometimes bot may inject properly but loader reports error to use. The best way to check if bot is properly loaded and can be used is simply login into game and type //CFG command.
  22. Computer restart in some cases may help.
  23. If new injection method don't work for you you may try "Use old injection method" feature. It will create a .ini file with path to L2Tower installation.
  24. If you already mess with "Local Patching" the easiest way to undo that changes is simply re-download L2Tower and game system folder.
  25. L2Tower bot contains "few" techniques of hooking, you should try all if you got problems.
  26. You can clean your %TEMP folder every some time if you Premium member and use that check-box on Premium tab, we put some garbage in your %TEMP folder, also if you don't know if that magic check-box should be selected then select it. It can only help.
  27. When L2Tower shows error related to not starting service, enable Windows Modules Installer service. Is used to get Hardware key

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