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was wondering if anyone knows. I was told by a player that uses a different program that retail will sometimes do a gameguard push or something like that. and accounts logged at that time that have gameguard disabled will get banned. "The ban wave" or something. if this is true.
my other question is i have 3 pc's i put my Vip account on my main is there a way to have it changed so it could be on my secondary computer. i do not ever bot on my main toon but tower is still runing so no GG.
10-24-2012 01:20 AM
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Fox Away

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RE: retail

Yes login on forum from the new pc and go here

Click renew, it will ban your first pc but will now work on the new one

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10-24-2012 05:56 AM
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RE: retail

About the "Ban Wave" I call it the "BAN HAMMER" and yes it does happen from time to time, normally about a year and a half apart from eachother, no one knows when its coming. HOWEVER, with the new update coming out you can make a safe bet as a gambling man that it will be shortly after the update to glory days. Its not done by gameguard though, its done over the course of a week or so when the GM get off thier lazy asses and actually log onto the server, invisible to you, run around with the ban hammer bonking people. It happens. It was the cause of me quitting for 2 years back in the day when I lost my 85 train, and about 5 bil, (which back in the day was a lot)
10-24-2012 07:03 AM
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