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Possible Ban with client limit bypass ?
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kordesh Offline

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Possible Ban with client limit bypass ?

Hi guys, sorry if this has beeen asked, but I didnt see it if it was.

I just signed up today to this forum.

I was looking for a way to bypass the 3 account limit & so I downloaded
a new DLL & A Loader from one of the threads.

Before I try to use this, I had a question.

Do the GM's ban for just bypassing the 3 account limit ?
I have never botted b4 & dont plan on it.
I was just looking for a way to load upto 7 clients at once
for soloing some raids.

Thanks for any input on this Smile
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06-21-2014 16:40 PM
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testforl2 Offline
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RE: Possible Ban with client limit bypass ?

If its considerd as a "cheat" then yes. It's bannable.


You acknowledge that You may not, without signed written consent from a legally authorized representative of NCSOFT, do any of the following:
(a) Misappropriate, violate or infringe any third-party IP right;
(b) Use any NCSOFT IP right except as permitted under this agreement or otherwise permitted in writing by NCSOFT;
© Use, or provide others with, any software related to the Game, including any automation software (a.k.a. "bot") or software designed to change or modify operation of the Game;
(d) Use, or provide others with, any "hack," "cheat," "exploit" or "mod";
(e) Use, or provide others with, any service related to the Game, including but not limited to:
(i) any service that interacts with the Software; or
(ii) any service that that would change characteristics related to a Character ID, such as increasing the level of a character (a.k.a. power-leveling);
(f) Engage in any activity prohibited under Section 2(f) above;
(g) Knowingly affect the Service, the Game, Content or Software via any bloatware, malware, computer virus, worm, Trojan horse, spyware, adware, crimeware, scareware, rootkit or any other program installed in a way that executable code of any program is scheduled to utilize or utilizes processor cycles during periods of time when such program is not directly or indirectly being used;
(h) Be a party to any commercial activity related to the Game, including but not limited to:
(i) providing or obtaining any Item; or
(ii) providing or obtaining any Account; or
(iii) use of the Service, the Game, Content or Software at an Internet café, cyber café or computer gaming center;
(i) Use, obtain or provide data related to operation of the Game, including but not limited to:
(i) software that reads areas of computer memory or storage devices related to the Game;
(ii) software that intercepts or otherwise collects data from or through the Game;
(iii) software that redirects communications from any Software or Service; or
(iv) software not provided by NCSOFT which creates or maintains any communication to the Software or Service, including but not limited to any software that emulates the Software or any part thereof as well as any server that emulates the Service or any part thereof;
(j) Violate any law or governmental regulation related to the Game;
(k) Violate or infringe the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, including but not limited to 17 U.S.C. §1201 et seq., or in any way circumvent (or attempt to circumvent) any NCSOFT technological measure intended to effectively control access to the Service, the Game, Content, Software, or any other NCSOFT IP right, circumventing any protection afforded by an NCSOFT technological measure to any NCSOFT IP right, or engaging in any trafficking related to the foregoing;
(l) Institute any arbitration or other proceeding against NCSOFT except as permitted under this agreement, including any legal proceeding in court or before an administrative agency;
(m) Provide anyone whose Account was terminated under Section 3© any access to the Service, the Game, Content or Software; or
(n) Help others violate this agreement.

But since there is none NCsoft representative actually gonna answer us officially if it is, everyone is taking their chances in this matter. Personally i think that its hard to get banned for this. They just implemented to prove that "hey complaining legits, look! No more infinite accounts per machince".
BUT, they knew this is a rubbish "rule" even before they think of it. So my guess is they ll not ban someone 100% clear who just login more than 3 boxes. But the 95% of people logging more than 3 boxes are botting as well. If ban come to a total legit guy that just logs more than 3 then its just...collateral damage.

Take for instance the running card event. All population in all 5 servers should be banned. Legit or not. Everyone is have all their accounts ON (at least those that their machines can handle).

So to conclude my thought. Dont let that matter stop you. If you are to be banned someday, something else will probably trigger it. And you may dont even know about it at all.
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06-21-2014 17:24 PM
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