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Version 1.4
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Version 1.4

From authors:

This version is our next success, we made lot of needed changes what allows us to continue development. There is still lot of things what can & will be improved in future. Happy boting Tongue


If you would like to reward our team for all of the hard work done, please click button below and follow paypal guidelines.

L2Tower will remain as free-to-use and development will continue in order to be the best botting Lineage 2 program available on the market!
Donations will be spent to pay bills for internet domain and forum hosting in first place, and later as some motivation fuel (read vodka and redbull) for developers!


Supported chronicles:
  • Interlude (patrial support)
  • Kamael (patrial support)
  • Hellbound (patrial support)
  • Gracia Final
  • Gracia Epilogue
  • Freya
  • High Five

  • Auto HP, MP, CP potions/elixirs use
  • Auto Souls bottle use/fill
  • Auto penalty scrolls use
  • Auto party heal & recharge (pets, summons supported)
  • Auto follow
  • Auto Multi Assist
  • Auto Dance, Songs
  • Auto Self Buffs & Aoe Buffs
  • Auto Item Pickup
  • Auto Pet Item Pickup
  • Auto PVE Target
  • Auto PVP Target
  • Auto Nuke Attack
  • Auto Mele Attack
  • Auto Pet, Summon Mele Attack
  • Auto Spoil, Sweep
  • Auto Subclass Quest (Chest Quest [experimental])
  • Auto Go Vilage & Res accept
  • Auto Invite, Dismiss, Change party leader
  • Auto Fishing
  • Scripts & Base plugins support
  • Ability to enchant, argument, craft, delete, crystallize items from scripts
  • Support for multiple hook library
  • Ability to patch game system folder
  • External configuration program
  • And many more...


Commands can be run like this: ///pause, //pause, /pause, .pause
When you run command with / at begin command can't have spaces, use '_' insted.
  • pause - Pause program
  • cfg - Show Config window
  • xcfg - Shows external configuration window
  • save [name] - Save config
  • load [name] - Load config
  • rar [cmd] - Run command
  • rtr [nick] [cmd] - Run command
  • and more, but lot of them are internal commands.
Full list of commands you can find here.


[Image: 96084470.th.png][Image: 35137398.th.png][Image: 74653862.th.png][Image: 46327476.th.png][Image: 50891469.th.png]

External Editor
[Image: 90057341.th.png][Image: 21735610.th.png][Image: 22100747.th.png][Image: 11678123.th.png]
[Image: 61640464.th.png][Image: 22310950.th.png][Image: 33363343.th.png][Image: 93589886.th.png]
[Image: 89589675.th.png][Image: 51933756.th.png][Image: 40812260.th.png][Image: 90359940.th.png]
[Image: 96368208.th.png][Image: 28424676.th.png][Image: 63263428.th.png][Image: 40130377.th.png]
[Image: 26453822.th.png][Image: 27426047.th.png]

In-game Bot
[Image: shot00000result.th.png][Image: shot00001result.th.png][Image: shot00002result.th.png][Image: shot00003result.th.png][Image: shot00004result.th.png][Image: shot00005result.th.png]
[Image: shot00006result.th.png][Image: shot00007result.th.png][Image: shot00008result.th.png][Image: shot00009result.th.png][Image: shot00010result.th.png][Image: shot00011result.th.png]
[Image: shot00012result.th.png][Image: shot00013result.th.png][Image: shot00014result.th.png][Image: shot00015result.th.png][Image: shot00016result.th.png][Image: shot00018result.th.png]
[Image: shot00019result.th.png][Image: shot00020result.th.png][Image: shot00021result.th.png][Image: shot00022result.th.png][Image: shot00023result.th.png][Image: shot00024result.th.png]
[Image: shot00025result.th.png][Image: shot00026result.th.png][Image: shot00027result.th.png][Image: shot00028result.th.png][Image: shot00029result.th.png][Image: shot00030result.th.png]
[Image: shot00031result.th.png][Image: shot00032result.th.png][Image: shot00033result.th.png][Image: shot00034result.th.png][Image: shot00035result.th.png][Image: shot00036result.th.png]
[Image: shot00037result.th.png][Image: shot00038result.th.png][Image: shot00039result.th.png][Image: shot00040result.th.png][Image: shot00041result.th.png][Image: shot00042result.th.png]
[Image: shot00043result.th.png][Image: shot00044result.th.png][Image: shot00045result.th.png][Image: shot00046result.th.png]


Unpack all files into any directory you want, and run L2Tower.exe

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package and .NET 3.5 is required...

Lineage 2 Tower

[Image: owner.gif]
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