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Version 1.1
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Version 1.1

From authors

The worst part we got behind us. We fixed all important bugs, lot of them left and will be fixed very soon. But changes what we made were necessary to add support for any chronicle. You can test ad use this version, all bugs will be fixed very soon. Some features were't fully fixed ad may don't work like in 1.0 version. But they work.
Our plan is to fix all bugs ad add more options to exists features/add new features.
As you ca see we got new updater, it was necessary because Freya client don't load l2ui.dll anymore so we decide to change name to something more cool, and because there are not planed huge changes in code in near future, updates going to be more often (For us is now just 1 click to share new update Tongue).

Have fun.

Supported chronicle
  • Gracia Final
  • Gracia Epilogue (not tested but should work)
  • Freya

  • Fix auto targeting mobs by Polygon (Function can't be enabled (wrong number in command handler)).
  • Fix CHAT_PUBLIC access type run. (allow to run by " /CMD")
  • Don't change own nick color or title (show oryginal).
  • Fix targeting by point to work in correct way.
  • Changed abit hook system to be able support multiple chronicles.
  • Information about Inventory, Pet Inventory, WH, CWH, ClanWH, EtcWH are not longer read from packets - thats make this feature server/chronicle in-depended.
  • Information about Skills are not longer read from packets - thats make this feature server/chronicle in-depended.
  • Fix for GetMSData problem, now that function is never called by us= no problem Tongue
  • Command CWH changed to DumpCWH
  • Added commands: DumpWH, DumpCastleWH, DumpEtcWH, DumpInv, DumpPetInv.
  • List of dumped items will be now sorted by name.
  • Lists of Skills in config window will be now sorted by name.
  • Added support for Freya
  • Changed internal data storage - improve performance
  • Fixed use of Battle elixirs on siege zone

  • Auto HP, MP, CP potions/elixirs use
  • Auto Souls bottle use/fill
  • Auto penalty scrolls use
  • Auto party heal & recharge (pets, summons supported)
  • Auto follow
  • Auto Multi Assist
  • Auto Dance, Songs
  • Auto Self Buffs & Aoe Buffs
  • Auto Item Pickup
  • Auto Pet Item Pickup
  • Auto PVE Target
  • Auto PVP Target
  • Auto Nuke Attack
  • Auto Mele Attack
  • Auto Pet, Summon Mele Attack
  • Auto Spoil
  • Auto Subclass Quest (Chest Quest [experimental])
  • Changed players nick colors depend on target. - feature disabled until fix
  • Target name in user title - feature disabled until fix
  • Hidden second "PM" message when you pm myself.


[Image: b1.png]
[Image: Shot00000.jpg][Image: Shot00001.jpg]
[Image: Shot00002.jpg][Image: Shot00003.jpg]
[Image: Shot00004.jpg][Image: Shot00005.jpg]
[Image: Shot00006.jpg][Image: Shot00007.jpg]
[Image: Shot00008.jpg][Image: Shot00009.jpg]
[Image: Shot00010.jpg]


Commands can be run like this: ///pause, //pause, /pause, .pause
When you run command with / at begin command can't have spaces, use '_' insted.
  • pause - Pause program
  • cfg - Show Config window
  • save [name] - Save config
  • load [name] - Load config
  • rar [cmd] - Run command
  • rtr [nick] [cmd] - Run command
  • and more, but lot of them are internal commands.
Full list of commands you can find here.


Unpack all files into any directory you want, and run L2Tower.exe

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package and .NET 3.5 is required...

Lineage 2 Tower

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