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Lineage 2 Content Update 08.10.14
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Lineage 2 Content Update 08.10.14

10-06-2014 12:55 PM
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RE: Lineage 2 Content Update 08.10.14

    LUA Programming
Q: Does this mean that PtA dimensional awards that have not been retrieved from the Dimensional Merchant before the Ertheia update will be deleted? 
A: No, they will not be deleted from the Dimensional Merchant.
Q: Am I wrong or I didn't read the adena nerf anywhere?
No adena sink just yet ! 
A: The Adena nerf was in the original Korean patches, but we asked them to remove it for our version 
Q: Drop ALWAYS 1 Rune stone or mostly? 
A: From what I saw in testing, the Rune Stones dropped every time.
Q: What about sub class skills ?? The ertheias will get 4 only?
A: Ertheia only get dual class skills. They don't have sub-classes, so they cannot get the skills.
Q: A sort of quick cast, where the skill is used on the spot the mouse is hovering on instead of being forced to click on it, or what?
Also, is Dimensional Barrier working correctly (on other regions it's said to be bugged on the 2nd floor, where invisible walls prevent players from progressing through it)? 
A: First time you use the skill in a macro, click the location, and then use the macro it will cast it in the same location as before. Does not work when out of range from spot.
We didn't run into that issue with the invisible walls in the Dimensional Barrier.
1) What is the maximum amount of buffs Dreadful Roar can take?
2) Is it true that Dreadful Roar can take buffs like Divine Elixir / Rosy Seduction
3) What is the behavior of the Cancel effect, does it attack the last buffs on the stack or a random set from the entire stack.
1. We got 2 buffs max.
2. It cannot take those buffs away.
3. From what I've seen, it's random.
Q: Will the 3rd Liberated Ertheia, so 85+, be able to use the Sayunes? 
A: Ertheia can use Sayunes at level 85.
Q: What does dismantling boss jewels do as stated in the notes? 
A: You cannot dismantle boss jewels. For that patch note, it is showing which bosses drop the pouches for weapon and armor.
Q: Could you tell us a little more about this change to item drops for NPCs/Raid Bosses? 
A: Item Drops on certain Raid Bosses changed: Crafting Packs for Weapons and Armor were added, Unbind Scrolls removed, Legendary Dyes removed, Rune Stones added, and Monster Appearance Stones Added. There's much more information on it, but I need to dig through all the raid bosses drop tables for that. I'll redo my labs to reflect the changes. 
Q: What about of cubic and fairy of life, or mark of lumi and hex cubic (still buged or is a correct implementation)? 
A: No changes. Fairy of Life and Hex Cubic are working as intended.
Q: There are no new skills for othells :/ and will we be able to sellect kamael subclasses ? 
A: Kamael can select any sub-class now except dominator, maestro, and Ertheia classes. Other races cannot select the Kamael classes (ex: Judicator) as their sub-class.
Q: For Tyrr Maestro the new Passive "Superior Blunt Weapon Mastery" affect when equipped with dual blunts? Also with the "Power Hammer Crush" can activate with dual blunts? Now with that new skills is better to take blunt rather Two-Handed sword/Dual Swords?
1. Superior Blunt Weapon Mastery - Only improves stats with one-handed blunt equipped.
2. Power Hammer Crush - Only can be used with one-handed blunt equipped.
Q: Do we get the rumoured unification of Olympiad Tokens and Mysterious Marks? 
A: No, the Olympiad Tokens and Mysterious Marks are still separate.
Q: The skill Distortion makes all damage done by the Ertheia fighter bypass cp?
A: It does not bypass CP. It just makes it so that damage dealt is the same as attacking someone from behind, even if you're in front or to the side of them.
Q: O, nice. Devil's Isle changes. But... what level limits, what kind of changes. Do mobs drop herbs? Is it an XP or SP region? What will happen to the lower level raids on Devil's Isle? Is Pailaka affected? Is Zaken affected? 
A: They removed all the mobs from the area, so it is empty for now. Zaken and Pailaka were not affected.
Q: So, how does this work? Notes are fussy. When I dismantle e.g. Apocalyse Slasher do I get a crafting pack in return, like the drops from open field raids or do I get just a bunch of materials and the recipe? 
A: You get a crafting pack after you dismantle.
Q: Does this mean mobs will start spoiling key parts again? Like being able to spoil e.g. Eternal Tunic parts from mobs in HF/Pagan/HB or will it just stay a 1/500 drop only in Cemetary? 
A: No, I'll give an example to clarify it a bit. EX: Mobs in Pagan's Temple will now drop Amaranthine Fragments and random R99 (100%) Recipes.
Q: Does this affect Fortuna, Spezion, Altar of Shilien as well? Do they start dropping weapons (Spezion Claw, Ron's Duals, Malliss' Stormer) again? 
A: Yes, Crafting Packs for weapons/armor have been added for Raid Bosses now. It looks like the Altar of Shilen bosses did not have any drop changes though. The raid boss weapons will not be added back to the drop tables. The devs created the Monster Weapon appearance stones instead and added it to other raid bosses like Tauti. However, for those boss weapon appearances you mentioned they can only be purchased from the L2 Store.
Q: Are Elcyum Powders (and related Elcyum items) being dropped from more than just mobs in raid instances (Spezion, Fortuna, Baylor, Crystal Caverns) or does supply stays as low as it is while Alchemy system requires another big load of 'em? 
A: The powders still only drop from the raid bosses in instances.
Q: Juji has the success rate for applying PVE/PVP enhancements to R99 weapons/armors changed or it remains at 60% as per you Lab?
A: I need to check if there was a change to the success rate.
Q: What about additional material requirements (Gemstone R/Giant's Energies etc.). Has the needed amount remained the same and if not has it increased or decreased?
A: Ingredient requirements have stayed the same. 
Q: If i have an B grade weapon +10 it would be have a purple graphical effect? what about S/s80? an s80 +12 have reddish purple graphical effect? 
A: Yes, the +10 B weapon will be purple and the +12 S/S80 will have reddish purple.
Q: The "Eminent Blunt Weapon Mastery" that Ertheia wizards get, is it both for 2-handed and 1-handed blunts? 
A: Both.
Q: Question- as I saw they got tauti weapon improvements in Korea, 10% p.attack 15% pvp attack bonus, I didn't see any of that in the patch notes so we wont get it with this update?
A: No, the improvements to the Tauti weapons are not in our patch.
Q: You also mentioned improvement in sp from mobs in pagan temple and some other spots, also something about sp improvement in kartia? could you elaborate just how big is the improvement? 
A: The SP improved in the following areas:
Pagan's Temple - Increased by 75 ~ 87%
Cemetery - Increased by 62 ~ 85%
Land of Chaos - Increased by 70%
Raider's Crossroads - Increased by 70%
Seed of Hellfire - Increased by 85%
Kartia - Increased by 85%
Q: The Kamael race can now select the classes of other races as their sub-class. Gender Change Service Rules & Requirements. The Gender Change Service is not available to Kamael characters, due to their gender-specific classes. In this update we will be able to change kamael ?
A: No update to the gender change service. There are still restrictions in place for male/female Kamael classes.
Q: Superior Instinct Mastery : Lv.4: PvP damage + 15%, and P. Atk. + 15% when equipped with a crossbow. Full bonus work only with crossbow? or crossbow bonus extra is only this 15% p.atk.?
Whit bow trickster's will take 15% pvp damage too? 
A: The P. Atk. stats do not increase if you equip a bow for this passive skill. The PvP damage +15% bonus will still apply when a bow is equipped.
Q: The Tyrr Doombringer new Skill Berserker Soul is a toogle or a buff?
It says on the notes on 1st time you see it that it does not need rune stones to learn or use; Then on skill changes it shows that asks 4 to 8 rune stones to learn? So what is the deal? It only helps using 2h and 1h or can do it with duals too? 
A: You need rune stones to learn per skill level. You don't need Rune Stones to use the skill. Berserker Soul is a toggle.
Q: As R95 gear is going to be removed from the oly npc, is anything going to be added as reward? Also, will the amount of required oly tokens needed for R99 gear be changed? 
A: Nothing added to equipment rewards and I saw no changes to Oly tokens needed for R99. 
Q: What about changing minimum players required to enter istina/octavis normal from 14 to 7? 
A: No change.
Q: Hi Juji! How much is max level on main/dual class/sub class in new update? 
A: Still the same as before. 99/99/80/80.
Q: For Tyrr Maestros, Does the new skill "Superior Blunt Weapon Mastery" Stack with the already existing skill "Superior Weapon Mastery" ? 
A: Yes, these two skills stack.
Q: The Kamael race can equip heavy armor/robes, no matter the level or class. does this means that will be a new look for heavy/robe armors (below R grade) on kamaels? is there any pic about that? or they will look the same as the light armor sets?? 
A: Not really, they will just have a different armor skins for Heavy armor for below R-Grade.
Q: Juji, what about Sealed ap 16-20 ? 
A: Not available in this update.
Q: Can you please clarify about tattoos-symbols. Will we have new improved mixed one (STR+CHA) only based on legendary lv. 5 or based on other symbols (Ancient, Giants) as well ? 
A: You will have improved Legendary dyes from Lv.1 to Lv. 5. No Ancient or Giant Dyes.
Q: can you elaborate on this? it doesn't make much sense.
Also, somewhere in the patch notes it states that it will take giant's energy to reseal longing talismans. How many will it take? 
A: If you learn Frenzy or Guts Lv. 6 it will remove Duelist Spirit.
72 Energy of Destruction and 200 Giant's Energy to reseal Longing Talisman.
Q: this mean dual class will start at lvl 85 or i read bad this ? because my english its not pretty good can u answer this please thanks 
A: At level 85, Ertheia can take a dual class quest and it will automatically bump their dual class to level 85. No sub-class leveling required.
Q: so the question is: will there be an Ancient or normal Giant's Symbols like STR+Charisma, CON+Charisma, CON+Luck, etc. too ? or only Legendary ? 
A: Only the new Legendary Dyes (Regular STAT + LUC or CHA) and Windy Dyes (LUC + CHA).
Q: Will the M. Critical Chance remain capped at 33% (instead of 50%) for heals and magic attacks? (as was indicated at "Lab Report 7 - M. Critical Rate") <a href="http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=266108" target="_blank">http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=266108</a> 
A: I will send them a reminder on the M. Critical Rate chance.
Q: Wynn Arcana Lord : Summon Protection Stone : Summons a giant shaman stone to temporarily increase party's abilities.
Question: What abilities? Could you give a list.
Q: I see the Gravity Exile skill is a new revelation skill we can take that blocks resurrection skills, do you know if they fixed the Clan Resurrection Lock to use personal fame instead of clan CRP ? 
A: It uses Clan Reputation points, not personal fame.
Q: Can you clarify the new summoner skills mores.
Especially the Pony one. is it a portal you place somewhere and then can move to later. Is it a pty gate chant? What exactly does it do. 
Are dark stones going to start dropping in Hellbound? 
A: It works similar to the Sayha shirt teleport skill. You summon a portal that lasts 30 seconds and then you can teleport back to that portal with another skill. There is a limit as to how far you can be from the portal to use the teleport skill.
Dark Eternal Stone Fragments drop in Hellbound from Mirage Vipers.
Q: Does it mean that there will be a whole new Drop/Spoil for every hunting area?
Do you have any info about what should we expect so far? 
A: I need to check.
Q: does activating luck require special events or it can trigger anytime
How long does it lasts ? 
A: Not really, you just need to hunt/spoil mobs. When LUC triggers while hunting, you get a message and a Fortune Pocket. If you are crafting/enchanting, then a big 4 leaf clover will appear when LUC triggers. The higher LUC you have, the better chance that more Lady Luck activations will appear.
Q: Hi, stone of destiny will be back ? 
A: No.
1. Does the Eviscerator get an aura buff? I see one for the Sayha Seer in the notes but not for the Eviscerator
2. The notes say that the Eviscerator's Battle Dash was changed to last longer, since the list of skills doesn't mention any Battle Dash, does this mean that there are skills that aren't shown in the notes? Or is Battle Dash a rename of Eminent Attack Movement?
1. P. Skill Critical Rate +1%.
2. Battle Dash is a speed buff that activates with the Eminent Attack Movement passive. 
Q: Will toons be moved to nearest town after update ? 
A: No.
Q: I've relied on these quests to level my subs bit by bit. Can non-Ertheia races do the new Ertheia daily quests in place of these?
Is the Rocking Horse Mount coming back to the L2 Store? I didn't appreciate the fact that it was removed without notice.
A: No, those quests are for Ertheia only.
The Rocking Horse mount is dimensional, so you can create a new character and trade it to your old one on your same account. The mount probably won't be back on the store since you can get it now for free.
Q: Anyone from behind the servers, How many megabytes does this new update add to the current client. ty 
A: The update from Valiance to Ertheia is around 511mb. The full client size is 17.7gb.
Q: Now, what i have not understood at all, is: WHICH Subclass (or i must say dualclass?) Ertheia CAN make and CANNOT make? On the patch notes there is only a tiny pharagraph about it and it's not specified at all... 
A: It actually is specified. I said they can have any class as their dual class except for Iss Dominator, Tyrr Maestro, and any Ertheia classes. Notice in the screenshot of the dual class re-awakening menu below that the Ertheia classes are absent.
Q: In the description of the skills of ertheia wizard, for the passive skill of the weapon says it is possible to enable the use of a sword or blunt, but the description of the active skills says just mentioning, when used with a blunt; just wonder if there is lack of information in the description? (I refer to the use of the sword) 
A: Sayha's Seer can use 1-handed swords (magic/fighter), 1-handed blunts (magic/fighter), and 2-handed blunts (magic/fighter).
Q: In the case of ertheia wizard can be considered as weapon, the use of an one-hand blunt or two-handed blunt weapon? or both? they have their value assigned in the passive skill? 
A: All active skills work with the weapons I mentioned above.
Q: In both classes, both Ertheia Figher as Ertheia Wizard, all skills described, will be kept when taking level up? (saying about transfer class a.k.a doing 1st, 2nd and 3rd liberations). In other words, if any skill will be Replaced while transfering class? If yes, which one could mention? I can not say whether the advanced Korean servers and their updates will be possible to enchant or over-enchant those skills in the future, so I'm curious. 
A: The skills remain for both Ertheia classes. There are no replacement skills similar to the other non-Ertheia classes.
Q: Since two new revelation skill will be added, I wonder if there will wipe the current revelation skills that has already been learned? or will be added more chaos pormander's ? 
A: There shouldn't be a wipe for revelation skills and no Chaos Pomander will be given.
Q: On the same reasoning of the previous question, if there wipe the skills sub-class and dual-class as well as the ability system that already learned? I'll have to re-learn them again when ertheia lauches? And the fishing skills already learned, will wipe to be learned again?
A: These skills will not be wiped. The Knight Frenzy skill that is deleted will be compensated with Immortal Scrolls (based on enchant level).
Q: How much data (in gigabytes) will be added with the expansion Ertheia compared to Valiance?
A: Around 511mb.
Q: I got 1 question ,dont know if missed it while i was reading the patch notes,that regards to the raid points.Will it be some sort of new bracelet that will give +3 of the newly introduced stats aka LUC/CHA ? 
A: No, the Aria NPC does not have any new bracelets for the new stats. However, there are new bracelets with the LUC/CHA stats from the dimensional barrier instance.
Q: Will someone that already has a character, for example Human Male, be able to make an Ertheia class Eviscerator or Sayha's Seer as a Dualclass? And if yes, how? Any new quest? paying 100kk adena if you already have a Dualclass? Free change of Dualclass as when Goddess Of Destruction came out because it is a whole new race/classes?Thank you. 
A: No one can make an Ertheia class as your dual class. The Ertheia classes are restricted to your main class.
Q: I have two armor sets ready for my future Ertheia character: one with maid outfit appearance and the other with swimsuit appearance. Will I be able to equip them? 
A: No, you will get a message saying your Ertheia character is not eligible to equip the armor sets.
Q: Since we got a lot of changes in classes.
in this update, chars will receive chaos Essence? 
A: No chaos essence will be given out.
Q: Does the new enchant glows apply to D-S80 weapons too? 
A: Yes, the new enchant glows apply to all grades. Unfortunately, anyone that has an old +15 No-grade weapon from the auction broker will lose their glow completely.
Q: About tauti wepons can we put Augment and Enchant weapon or not? 
A: You cannot enchant or put an augment on Tauti weapons.

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