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Help with understanding processors, video cards, hard drives, nics , and tower?
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Jude Ertl

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Help with understanding processors, video cards, hard drives, nics , and tower?

i am building a computer.... and there where some things bugging me

Okay i am no newbie when it comes to computers for example i know what RAM stands for and what it does but what confuses me about processors is for example when they have benchmark competitions what really is that judging. and what is the l1 l2 l3 cache and stuff.

when looking at video cards what is there that i should really know that will set them apart?

harddrives same as above

same with the tower

[Image: 20110603200102-713275629.jpg]
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07-08-2011 08:22 AM

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RE: Help with understanding processors, video cards, hard drives, nics , and tower?

First of all tell us what do You want this computer for ? Smile

You are programmer?
You are graphic designer?
You want play L2?

This subject has "wall of text" quality.

When I made my computers I've been always taking look at hardware ability for tuneup.
I can't tell You which video card to choose exactly but I can tell You to choose the one which has most ROP's to price ratio. There are so many options to choose of. IMO just consider how much money You can spend on PC and what ability is important for You. Graphic quality, storage capacity and access speed to data, processing power?

Intel CORE i5 2500K
Asus (Any)P8P67

I would start with those components Smile
07-08-2011 13:59 PM
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