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right it probably seemed like your penis had its own brain a brain that did what I wanted which was to make your dick hard well the CBS report may be really curious so I started looking at the studies it referenced and began to research everything I could about this idea of the penis having its own brain it turns out following my curiosity was a really good idea because new science proves your penis does in fact have a brain of its own medical experts call it react tile nervous system but for simplicity's sake I like to call it the penis brain anyway according to scientists the penis brain consists of two nerves that connect your penis to the brain in your head the dorsal penile nerve and the perineal nerve the study suggests these nerves are ultra fast keto crucial for getting erections for example in a breakthrough study published in the British Journal of Urology researchers evaluated the dorsal penile nerves impact on a rectal function and concluded that it's crucial to normal male sexual functioning however their findings didn't stop there using lab monkeys these researchers attempted to measure the penis brains impact on erections so they blocked the two nerves that make up these monkeys penis brains and they uncovered that eight impaired mating activity and ejaculatory function now because monkeys and humans are ninety eight point eight percent genetically the same these skeptical scientists were confident that the penis brain is the key to strong and healthy erections in human men most guys think that their dick problems are
08-29-2019 13:49 PM
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