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really tired and exhausted or I'm procrastinating on going to the gym and my body is sore and just for whatever reason I just can't get myself to go that's when I'll use the caffeine just to give myself that boost that kind of cheating the way to get myself that energy the artificial energy muscle fibers and you're beating your body up and your body needs to recover and repair from meals electric see I take another capsule that helps with recovery show so I shared with you so much more and your body can absorb and use a lot better so it's definitely worthwhile to invest in high quality stuff and just really take care of your health because there's an opportunity cost it's not taking care of your health there's a consequence to getting sick you know by not doing this not taking care your health so you don't have to be crazy like me but by being willing to invest in your health and take care of it you're not going to have to wor ketoviante
ry about cancer and heart disease and diabetes you're going to have peace of mind and you're going to be able to perform at your best level so that's my post-workout I'm now going to go into some of the other meals that I have throughout the day and break those down for you guys again I mostly have my my carbohydrates and the bulk of my meals as around my workout because I find that's the most important time your body to to defeat it with calories and stuff as the day goes on I try to eliminate the carbohydrates that I have and have more proteins and fats okay cuz again the
08-24-2019 11:46 AM
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