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Cant find ID of custom NPC tab
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Cant find ID of custom NPC tab

Hi I am trying to make automatic Vote script for L2Ireal but I am stucked on one vote window where i am not able to select thing.

Image : https://imgur.com/RaH52Z6

I need Click on that Vitality Belt in Vitality item window, But when i try record it with .recstart it wont record this part, Anyone can help me? Thank you
This is what i have:
-- L2TOWER:LUA | Voting on Ireal
ShowToClient("Vote","Voting : Enabled!");
TargetNpc("Denkus", 30082);
ClickAndWait("npc_268498820_cm_getreward", "Get Premium Item.");

function DeleteItems(ItemId)
    local invList = GetInventory();
        for item in invList.list do
            if(item.displayId == ItemId) then
                DeleteItem(item.objectId, item.ItemNum);
                ShowToClient("GOD","Item found and delete!")

    DeleteItems(15393); -- Vitality Belt

    Sleep(320*1000); -- 10 sec
until false;
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05-04-2018 13:08 PM
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