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Aaron Rodgers’ injury is one of the reasons why the Packers beat the Bears Well Womens Muhammad Wilkerson Jersey , how was that for a season opener? Everyone, finally, doing all right about now? After looking at #Packers on twitter at half time, I’m glad that some who jumped off the nearest bridge ended up flying and those who took a long walk of the short pier were able to swim. I’m sure right about now your heart rates are close to back to normal. I’m more talking to fellow APC writer Matub on that one. For a little context, he sent our APC group chat updates on his bpm during the fourth quarter. He hit 121 on the Cobb touchdown and 109 after the Nick Perry sack to end the game. Reading the papers on Monday morning, there were many articles on how the Packers won Sunday night. Mostly, they were talking about how amazing Aaron Rodgers played, on one leg, after being carted off the field. Some were about how Matt Nagy played so conservative when he should have went for the throat and there were even some giving credit to how stout Mike Pettine’s defense played after the first quarter. All are noteworthy reasons to why the Packers had one of the most remarkable comebacks in recent memory. However, the real reason the Packers won that game was BECAUSE of the Aaron Rodgers injury. That’s right, if Aaron Rodgers would not have gotten injured and carted off, the Packers would have lost the game.Before you head to the comments to roast me on that take, let me explain. Mike McCarthy and Joe Philbin’s game plan for the start of the game was an absolute mess. Nothing was working in the first half and the Bears defense absolutely dominated the Packers in every facet of the game. I don’t know if it was lack of playing time in the preseason, but the offensive line was a mess. Corey Linsley and Justin McCray made Akiem Hicks look like he was Warren Sapp. They had no answer what so ever for his bull rush. Bryan Bulaga just didn’t have the speed or time to prepare for the freak of nature that is Khalil Mack. As for the play calling, there were far too many deep drop backs for Rodgers. That gave Mack and the Bears plenty of time to get to Rodgers as the secondary was able to keep the Packer receivers in check for any of the mid to deep routes. The lack of blocking and good coverage led to a lot of scrambling and improvisation, and that played right into the hands of the pass rush of the Bears.Further proof of that is what happened to DeShone Kizer in his limited action. The pass rush and coverages led to Kizer making some very questionable decisions. While some will blame Kizer for the way he played rather than the play calling, I see that as a ridiculous argument. He’s only 22 years old and been with the team and playbook for about six months. He’s basically a rookie out there and it’s unrealistic to expect him to play at a NFL starting caliber right now. Brett Hundley had been with the team for three years and, arguably, had a better grasp on using his talent and the fundamentals of the offense — and we know how that ended. Stay patient with Kizer this year.McCarthy tried to call the game the same for Kizer as he did for Rodgers and it gift wrapped a Khalil Mack pick-six (something McCarthy admitted regretting in his Monday press conference). It just added insult to the Rodgers injury and now everyone was not just wondering what the future held with Rodgers but how bad would this game get before it was over.Now Authentic Aaron Rodgers Jersey , usually McCarthy and company usually don’t completely abandon their game plans. They like to make small tweaks here and there but never completely change the way they are calling the game...that is, until Rodgers was injured but was deemed healthy enough to play in the second half.The second half started and it was like a completely different coaching staff was calling the plays. The reason it seemed that way was because the injury forced them to call the plays differently. The Rodgers injury limited his mobility and that made McCarthy and Philbin look at plays to make Rodgers get rid of the ball as quickly as possible.Gone were the snaps under center, gone were the deep drops, and while Rodgers did scramble when he had to, gone was anything with rolling out or excessive movement. As Rodgers put it after the game, “I was basically a statue out there.” The most unexpected thing was that it was just what the Packers needed. The quick passes neutralized the pass rush. Rodgers was barely touched because he was getting rid of the ball so quickly. Other than the Geronimo Allison touchdown and the Davante Adams 51-yard reception, there were very few, if any, passes that were actually caught more than 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. The Randall Cobb touchdown happened on third and ten; Cobb caught the ball at the sticks and he made everyone miss for the last 65 yards. Those short passes showcased the playmaking ability of the receivers and showed that short routes could be turned to gold. Now, would McCarthy and Philbin have changed the play calling if Rodgers didn’t get hurt? As I mentioned earlier, McCarthy has been frustratingly stubborn at making wholesale adjustments during a game and why would you ever call plays to limit the mobility of Aaron Rodgers? You wouldn’t. So it’s easy to imagine that they wouldn’t have changed as much as they had to and it would have been a similar story to the first half for the Packers.While the Aaron Rodgers injury scared Packer Nation to it’s core, be hopeful that it appears to be nothing serious and be thankful because it delivered a victory over the Bears. And for those like me, who live on the Wisconsin/Illinois border where half the area cheers for the Packers and the other half for the Bears, be thankful you don’t have to listen to Bears fans gloat until the Week 15 rematch.Cheese Curds, 10/11: Packers’ playoff chances take a big hit after loss in Detroit As of this week, the Green Bay Packers are on the outside looking in at the NFC’s playoff seeding. Yes, we’re only five weeks into the year, but it’s still not too early at this point to start trying to imagine how things will stack up down the stretch in December.However, the current projections aren’t encouraging Authentic Josh Jackson Jersey , particularly given the team’s loss to Detroit on Sunday. One projection system says the Packers are slightly better than a coin-flip to make the postseason — that’s Football Outsiders, who puts Green Bay’s odds at 51%. That’s down about ten percent from a week ago, but it also is the fifth-best chances in the NFC and the second-best of any team not currently leading its division. (That is because all four NFC East teams are under 50% and have less than a 10% chance of making it in as a Wild Card).However, as you’ll see in today’s curds, one other projection system has the Packers on the outside looking in after week five’s results. Is it too early to make sweeping judgments about who can make the playoffs? You bet — remember that everyone wrote off the Packers after going 4-6 to start the 2016 season. But it sure would have been nice to have an extra win last week.Stitched-up Kevin King looks to get back at it | Packers.comKing wanted to get back in the game after taking a Golden Tate cleat to the face in the fourth quarter on Sunday, but the trainers didn't let him back on the field. Thankfully it doesn't appear like the injury will keep him out this coming Monday against the 49ers.Green Bay Packers' rotation at running back makes no sense | Packersnews.comPackers fans can perhaps take some solace in knowing that the team's longest-tenured beat writer is with them instead of Mike McCarthy on the Aaron Jones question.Playoff Projections: Chiefs, Rams virtual locks in early race, Packers on the outside looking in - CBSSports.comCBS currently projects the Packers to be behind the Seahawks and Panthers in the race for a Wild Card spot, but a head-to-head win over Seattle in week 11 would probably do the trick based on the overall projections.The Packers Are Worse than Bad - They're Irrelevant | The Power SweepGiven the above projection, I don't think I personally agree with this evaluation of the team's chances -- I think they still have the ability to be a good, even a very good team -- but I'll admit it's definitely a possibility.Colts Lineman Matt Slauson Played Almost An Entire Half With Two Broken Vertebrae | DeadspinThis is terrifying - Slauson played every snap of Sunday's game despite suffering an unknown injury early in the third quarter. An evaluation after the game showed a pair of broken bones in his spine. Let's be grateful on his family's behalf that he didn't injure that area further.Fat Bear Week: Beadnose is Katmai National Park’s fattest bear - VoxDon’t expect many articles here at APC supporting bears, but as someone who spent time in Alaska this summer, I have soft spot for the real ones (not the ones from Chicago). This is one of the most heartwarming competitions you’ll see (unless you’re a salmon). Photographers and bear trackers check in to see which bears have gained the most weight during salmon runs in preparation for hibernation, and bear number 409, aka “Beadnose,” is this year’s winner.
01-17-2019 05:41 AM
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