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TASK [Job] L2j Data XML parser and db generator
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[Job] L2j Data XML parser and db generator

The job is to create parser in C# for l2j data. I know that this could be generated from l2j stats xml files (data\stats\skills), but don't have to be if you find some more valid source.

In worst case generator can be done in java, based on l2j source. Generator will be for internal and public use. If it will be in java it have to dump data to some format (xml would be best)

- index of every record would be skill id and skill lvl (client side)
- every enchanted version of skill or lvl have to be different record.
- data what have to be in etch record: skill id, skil lvl, enchant level, skill type1 (magic, physical, other?), skill type2(active, pasive), target type(self, party, one target, pet, ...), skilltype3(buff, debuff, magic damage, poison, ...), abnormal lvl and type (like poison lvl 10, root, lvl 1), element, what debufs it clears( like root max lvl 15), and with what skills it stucks (for example wind wak lvl 2 replaces haste potions), what items consume, and what other requiremnts to use are...

This is not easy, this are basic data, and lot more will be added in future when will be needed, so code should allow to be extendable.
Also should work with all chronicles starting from Gracia Final

Platform: Windows (Java App or C# class)
Reward: 90 days license or more (depend on result)

Use this thread for questions and locking, first one who declare help got lock until he finishes or fails.

PS: I'm to lazy, isn't it ?

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11-06-2011 17:14 PM
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