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Script oop noblesse buffing
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lagopus Offline
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WTB Script oop noblesse buffing

Wtb a script which gives me the ability to buff chars in range with noblesse blessing according to a list of char names. Want to pay in adena on naia
05-23-2014 21:03 PM
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eustach3 Offline
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RE: Script oop noblesse buffing

I know you ask for a script but my opinion is that you better use a plugin.
It`s easy to do, i`ll share it for free.
What you need to do.. Put on the first line the name of the players. Close l2 and l2tower, copy this to your plugin folder
start tower and l2, and in-game press /nobl to activate it.
I did it fast, haven`t test it, but i guess it should work.
    LUA Programming
list = { }
noblskill = 1323;
noblstatus = false;
function OnCreate()
 this:RegisterCommand("nobl", CommandChatType.CHAT_ALLY, CommandAccessLevel.ACCESS_ME);
function OnCommand_nobl(vCommandChatType, vNick, vCommandParam)
 if (noblstatus == false) then
 noblstatus = true;
 ShowToClient("Noblesse","Noblesse plugin has been Activated.");
 noblstatus = false;
 ShowToClient("Noblesse","Noblesse plugin has been Deactivated."); 
targetbuffed = false
usertime = 0;
timeset = 20;
lastusername = "a";
function OnLTick1s()
if noblstatus == true then
for player in GetPlayerList().list do
	for k,v in pairs(list) do
 if v == player:GetName() then
 if (GetMe():GetRangeTo(player) < 400) and lastusername ~= player:GetName() or (GetMe():GetRangeTo(player) < 400) and os.time()> usertime+timeset then
 usertime = os.time();
 Command("/target " ..tostring(player:GetName()));
 if GetTarget() ~= nil then
 lasusername = player:GetName()

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05-23-2014 21:25 PM
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