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Need moderators, testers, developers ...
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Need moderators, testers, developers ...

I know that there is lot of people what want help and now will be time for this. L2Tower have over 700 unique users every day, about 30 new download etch day and over 1000 users on forum what like to spam.

To make code work faster, and give Me & Geddys more time for more important things than forum cleanup or code re-factoring I decide to give you chance to help.

There will be few types of forum account what will describe what you have to do in your free time. Lets be more agile...

Those accounts will be:

L0. Normal account what you got now.
L1. Moderator
L2. Tester
L3. Beta tester
L4. Developer
L5. Full-Access Developer

How it works ?
User of group L4 will contain all rights of groups L3, L2, L1..

You will see only topics what are allow to see by your group. In that sections there will be "jobs" to do (usually 1-2h jobs) described (like describe something in documentation, test some feature, fix some bug or update some code/algorithm).

Now responsibilities(-), rights(+) and requirements(#):

L1. Moderator
+ Ability to remove threads, merge posts, banning users from forum, editing posts...
+ Write access to documentation
- Removing spam, merge/delete duplicated threads.
- Answering simple questions
- Creating documentation/tutorials
# Forum work knowledge
# L2Tower & Lineage use knowledge.

L2. Tester
+ Ability to access to private bug section.
+ Access to debug build of L2Tower.
- Testing existing features, making suggestions of changes
- Checking servers on what L2Tower don't work and giving report.
# More L2 knowledge required, some l2j knowledge may be useful
# Base C/C++ knowledge will be helpful.
# Lua knowledge.

L3. Beta tester
+ Access to unreleased unstable L2Tower builds.
+ Access to our Hook Generator Tool.
- Testing new features.
# L2 packets structure knowledge (If you can find & read it from l2j source - its enough).

L4. Developer
+ Access to some parts of code (specific classes, functions needed to do work)
+ Ability to design new features (html menus, algorithms), change existing
- Writing new code, finding solutions.
# Full C/C++/C# knowledge including some assembler.

L5. Full-Access Developer
+ Full code access, ability to compile it and run.
# My & Geddys full trust


So if you wan't to help, there is lot of nice/funny and sometimes boring work to do.

Just send me PM with information about group to what you wan't to join and some info why.

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07-04-2011 17:48 PM
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