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I'm trying to auto attack mobs but the targeting isn't working. It's probably because the /nexttarget command has a very limited range in this server. So I would like to know what option do I have. I think an option would be setting some points to run to and when you reach those points try targeting until the mob spawns and the target is acquired. How can I do that?
Edit: Ok nevermind it works I just wasn't activating the central point.

Here is how I have configured it. I have configured it for a party of 3. I'm newbie so if you think I should modify the config let me now:
One tanker (in my case destroyer) with:
-PVE target: Target by range from char 1000
-Nuke Attack: Rage when mana is greater than 50%, Frenzy when my HP is less than 30%, Zelot when my HP is less than 30%, Battle Roar when my HP is less than 25%. All abilities require target.
-Melee: Enabled
-Resurrection: Enabled, AutoAccept ON from any
-Party autoinvite

One damage dealer (in my case hawkeye):
-Follow: Follow player, minimum 0, maximum 100
-Assist: by order till death
-Melee: Enabled, 500 range, Wait for party attack
-Resurrection: Enabled, AutoAccept ON from any
-Party: auto accept from the first pj

One healer (bishop):
-Follow: Follow player, minimum 0, maximum 100
-Resurrection: auto revive ON
-Party: auto accept from the first pj

The follow is like that because they get stuck less in the walls but when fighting they get hurt by damage on area.
What I cannot figure out how to do is the healer, it should be healing any member from the party included itself when life is less than 80% and the destroyer when life is less than 25%. I guess it's with HP recovery skills but I don't understand the options.
I don't know when to use vicious stance in the destroyer either.

And of course there is the captcha in this server but I don't think that has a solution.
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06-12-2017 13:54 PM
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