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Triple Edge XL Doesn’t she see that you are full of tenderness to the eyeballs and are burning with a desire to carry it in your arms? That all the way home, falling, rising and falling again, you only thought about her? What about the fact that on the first attempt you missed and kissed the hanger in the hallway? Yes, there are times when nothing can be done. But does this mean that you had to hide your impulse from her? Not at all. Alcohol abuse is bad, but the fact that even half the way between nirvana and the toilet, you still crave her love - this, from the point of view of the girl, is good. A woman takes your desire as a compliment. Let today not very successful, but doubly sincere. Listen to what she says. “A lustful animal ...” Do you hear how much admiration is hidden in these simple words? A woman never takes off her t-shirt, grabbing on her back. Women do not scratch in the back of the head. Firstly, they do not like to show their confusion, and secondly, it spoils the hair. A woman often winds locks of hair, even short ones, on her finger or tickles her cheek with a brush from her hair. Men rarely do this. A woman will never really understand why football players, lining up in the wall, make such a funny slide with their palms. Therefore, she does not flinch when in the movie the hero gets a hit in the crotch with his boot. A woman does not bite a cigarette with her teeth. She does not leave her mouth, but always holds in her hand. Yawning, a woman covers her mouth with a palm, not a fist. Having taken a bath, a woman - no matter, long-haired, sheared or having typhoid fever - always wraps on her head an amateurish semblance of a turban from a towel, at least for one minute. The causes of this eastern ritual are unknown. A woman is practically not annoyed when the laundry gets stuck between the buttocks. The fair sex is happy to wear all these torture devices called “bikinis”. In addition, usually a woman does not try to quietly straighten the laundry from behind, getting up from a chair. Pursuing herself to throw something, the woman does not take her hand sideways, but back.
09-27-2019 13:04 PM
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