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For Honor's forthcoming Marching Fire expansion
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For Honor's forthcoming Marching Fire expansion

For Honor's equipment pack process is somewhat weird. On each character's menu screen there is the option to scavenge equipment, which has nothing to do with breaking down items to get parts - that is handled through'customize' - but rather is all about opening packs. Some of these are purchased for steel, but events and orders will often supply you with premium packs at no cost. These may contain some useful stuff. But what they contain is dependent on which character you've chosen before you start them with For Honor Steel Credits. It is up to you if you split your boxes between personalities or invest it all in your main.

This can be frustrating in the event that you've got an arrangement for kills in both of these modes, as it is actually impossible to fully guarantee that one you'll playwith. You can, however, set a taste by going to the settings page inside the deathmatch lobby and clicking one of those big hearts beside the mode you prefer. Pro tip: pick Elimination.Among the more slight (yet still notable) attributes which will be included in For Honor's forthcoming Marching Fire expansion is going to be a run of fresh voiceover dialogue lines for both the expansion's newest Wu Lin faction and all the For Honor game's existing characters. However, a small kerfuffle was brewing on the official For Honor subreddit as of late, a kerfuffle which has to do with the grade of the new VO.

It all started a few days back when players got their first taste of the Marching Fire expansion's new VO-based dialog intros, what Ubisoft is calling the"Responsive Dialogue System."

The initial reception of this Responsive Dialogue System wasn't great with For Honor gamers bemoaning the seemingly low quality of lots of the new VO lines and that the voice actors for many existing heroes had seemingly been recast. The backlash got so bad that it prompted a response from For Honor's senior community programmer Eric Pope. In his post, Pope explained that, because of the restricted nature of the For Honor game's existing bank of VO, new voice lines needed to be listed and in some instances obtaining the original voice actors from For Honor's initial 2016 launch wasn't possible.

Regrettably, rather than dampen the flames of enthusiast rage as he intended, Pope seemingly just threw a lit match on a powder keg. Members of the For Honor Reddit community were quick to pounce Pope's claim that the voice actors were not available, leading to discoveries like how some of the original voice actors were really back but were just doing voice work for Marching Fire's fresh Breach manner, or the way one of the first actors expressed his interest in coming via Twitter.

One purveying theory that seems to hold more water than most ties into the fact that the original voice actors are all members of the Screen Actor's Guild whereas the actors are not. The Screen Actor's Guild is a worker's marriage which recently won a settlement in which actors under their banner would be adequately paid for the work they put in (many video For Honor game voice actors were part of the employee's attack that led to the new arrangement ). As the theory goes, Ubisoft simply does not want to pay the higher costs that the voice actors are no-doubt asking for Buy FH Steel Credits.

In any situation, this is hardly the first time that Ubisoft has found itself in hot water with the For Honor fanbase. Still, it's apparent that some enthusiasts are taking their ire somewhat too far (as more trigger-happy net users are prone to do), so it is a little hard to find any true good guys in the whole mess.
10-17-2018 04:28 AM
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