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Farm AI Plugin: All DPS, Oracles and Healer classes!
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WTS Farm AI Plugin: All DPS, Oracles and Healer classes!

Contact: Buy in Discord (Click for open Discord)
NOTE: This AI manage characters automatic. You need select PVE TARGET in bot CFG, and use Command /ai.

The script working with L2Tower Free License!
Possibility change your HWID for free 1 time for Key.
Build by HWID. No changes Key for another machine.
Working with L2Tower version or higher only!
Farm AI has been tested and working at high five client and possible some others Chronicles below Like Freya, Gracia.

The best clean code!
Plugin License: lifelong license.

Price 500 $USD (source code full editable)
Payment: PayPal / Pix

High Five recommended.
License: You accept that no refund will be granted in any case where the chronicle does not work with the Farm AI script.

Heart Developed by JennaDeh (Maneco2)


Configurable PvP Party
Help Supporter Classes Option
Features by Individual Classes
Working with Party Leader Assist
Start Party AI also by Command: /ai (or party leader #.)
Easy basic configuration. Everything added in the source code, without manually configure it

Multi Class Support List:
  • Healer
  • Oracle Classes
  • All Tank Classes
  • All Mystic Classes
  • All Fighters Classes
Commands List:
  • /ai‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‎‎(Enable full AI control)
  • /menu‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎(Open Menu Plugin HTML)
Feature List: (Not all listed)
  • Fish support
  • Auto Use Skills
  • Summon Functions
  • Party PvP Defence
  • Utility Pet|Summon
  • Assist Party Leader
  • Follow Party Leader
  • Party Nobles Support
  • Party Dwarven PickUp
  • Party Chat Help Heals
  • Help Supporter Classes
  • Select using weapon type
  • AutoSelf Buffs Configurable
  • Support Debuffs Clean (By Oracles, Healer)
  • Fast Next Target supported by Hunting Zones
  • Check Attack (Paralyze, Stun and others debuffs)
  • Use Spices (Beast Farm), Manor and Spoil in same time
  • Check Inventory Full (Pickup Only by checking inventory itens)
  • Performance Configurable (Reduce delay in scripts dramatically)
  • Fully Healer, Oracles support (Like Ress, Heals, Recharge, Debuffs)
Release Updates:

Initial commit
Adding some Fighter classes support
-- Removed unnecessary things
-- Start Fighter classes changes
-- Improve CheckAttack, AntiDisarm
-- Adding some options Configurable
-- Improve Damage Buffs with Zealot
-- Testing: Target System Ignore Area
-- Improve Tank classes help supporters
-- Adding Missing Healing Potions support
-- Skills and Target System range changes
-- Minor fix Hunting Zones on Loop scripts
-- Testing: Auto Soulshots support level grade
-- Improve attack Kookaburra for use Pet Recharge skill
Adding some Supporters Classes
-- Scripts changes
-- Adding some Checks
-- Removed unnused code
-- Adding some Ignore Monsters
-- Fix PartyChatHelp condition
-- Adding Multi Zone Stakato Nest
-- Adding some Ignore Pickup itens
-- Fix FollowLeader waiting on Pickup
-- Fix Walking scripts wrong variable
-- Little change in Aura of Hate skill
-- Removed duplicate Fury Fists toggle
-- Fix Recharge Skill in Oracle Classes
-- Rename search's HaveDebuff to HaveBuff
-- Fix normal attack check with Special buffs
-- Fix Pickup with HuntingLoop after finish zone
-- CheckAttack delay now check character Attack Speed
-- Adding Configurations Painel Feature (save character profile)
-- Now Skills,Buffs and Utility working only in Farm Zones or AI Only
-- Rework Pickup and Class Option in party, Spoil, Healer, Supporters
-- Adding some Options Configurable (all options merged to Configurations Painel)
-- Adding full support Soulshots, Blesseds and Spiritshots all types, include summon
Adding some Skills, Buffs
-- Adding some checks
-- Removed unnused code
-- SkillManager changes
-- Increases default range AssistLeader
-- Adding some Undead Monsters in Misc Lists (LOA Area)
-- SupportHeals increase HP Percent requeriment for heals
-- Adding support auto use Scroll Recovery for Death Penalty
-- Fix Mass Resurrection, Purification Field and Miracle only clan
-- Now Active Bot always (Useful for Resurrection and Pve Bot Config)
-- Adding Option Use Invocation, SupportClassList uses Invocation buff
-- Increases distance Pickup check Other Classes from DwarvenClassList
-- Now TankClassList under Low HP uses some Special Buffs (High Defense)
-- Fix Option Pickup Herb Only Class conflict with Pickup Item Only Class
-- Removed Trap Skills from Kamael SubClass Inspector, now uses Low Skill
-- Fix Pickup Item Only Class if have party and not DwarvenClassList in party
-- Continue Improve and Fix Spoil dependencies and create a PickupSpoil Function
-- Adding Option Help Supporters, party Leader target monster attacking SupportClassList
-- Fix Option Support Debuff with HealerClassList target only UndeadMonsterList and MP above 50%
-- Rework Option Remove Corpse Always, uses Sweeper Festival, and drop Option Use Sweeper Festival, Sweeper's use SkillManager
-- Improve and Fix AssistLeader dependencies, now fast movement and target, on High distance from Party Leader return Pickup and Follow mode
Major Releases, Code Cleanup, Feature, Refactor
-- Adding some checks
-- Fixed possible crash
-- Fixed Summon actions
-- Changes in Misc Lists
-- Rework some Farm Zones
-- Removed unnecessary code
-- Control Summon Follow option
-- Rework HuntingGround librarie
-- Changes in SkillManager skills
-- Fixed Summon Smart Cubic skill
-- Adding missing Pet summon itens
-- Fixed Spoil classes stuck target
-- Adding full support Mystic Classes
-- Fixed skills AuraofHate, LifeDrain
-- Pickup Herbs MP|MP percent changes
-- Fixed and Rework Resurrection skill
-- Adding support for plant Manor Seeds
-- All debuffs use default reuse dellay
-- Fixed support Classes re-use debuffs
-- Now Spoil working in Long Range skills
-- Fixed and Rework Pets|Servitor functions
-- Fixed pickup multiple itens in same time
-- Default Buff ID now is Improved Condition
-- Adding support for PvP by Attack Time|Zone
-- Improve OnMonsterClose, next target attack
-- Adding support for use Beast Farm feed itens
-- Force attack monster using Cancelation skill
-- Fixed Delay conflicts Seed|Spice|Skills|Attack
-- Fixed Support skills with BlockBuff effect type
-- Fixed cast Rush skills with buffs in SpecialBuffList
-- Increases target system range for Mystic Classes support
-- Zealot buff used with Guts, Frenzy used if Guts is passed
-- Aegis Stance and Focus Attack togggles now is Default Buff
-- Adding check for use Skills with Mastery Buffs under low mp
-- Adding AttackingSummon and SkillManager in OnMyTargetSelected
-- Improve attack near objects, force attack using random movement
-- Continue rework in Pickup Functions, save Pickup Range in Profile
-- Move Pet/Servitor attack in UtilityPetOrSummon to AttackingSummon
-- Fixed and reduce TargetTime dellay in Help Supporters/Pet/Servitor
-- SupportHeals use skills from Holy Pomander for OracleDarkClassList
-- Rework Kookaburra Utility, only OraclesClassList for better recharge
-- TaskPickupList cleaned 1 item from IgnorePickupTimeList in long intervals
-- Removed MoveFarm function, use new function CheckFarm started only by plugin
-- Now attack extends until SpecialBuffList is removed, and return pickup function
-- Adding support for Nobless Blessing by Class, SupportClassList adding in OnRevive
-- Pickup system use GetDropTime for check old drop, itens 10 minutes and herbs 50 seconds
-- Fixed Kamael start zone
-- Removed command MoveFarm
-- Litle changes in script delays
-- Zone scripts use break for finish
-- Target Npc method now use string command
-- Adding missing check near Rune Temple Gatekeeper
-- Merge functions to new MainFunction script and remove duplicates
-- Fixed GetBuffs function, use only for characters Level 75 or bellow
Adding support for configurable Melee Range
-- Litle changes in cod
-- Removed unnecessary code
-- Now ranged weapons working
-- Improved Spoil skill in low level
-- Save Melee Range in character profile
Rework SkillManager
-- Add some skills
-- Removed unnecessary code
-- Removed unnecessary skills
-- Improve MassRecharge for save mp
-- Adding follow time after use rush skills
-- Fix Support assist if debuff is activated
-- Add option in chat for start all party AI (#.)
-- Fix Mystic Classes attack with Ultimate Defence mobs
-- Add option for select weapon in use, skills use weapon kind
Fix Chain Heal only friends
-- Fix use skills in pvp
-- Improve SupportHeals function
-- Add command for get buff in party
-- Rename all FarmZones regions for String Region Name
-- Add command for start zone if inside this (all zones)
Finished rework all Hunting Zones 20-85
-- Some improvements
-- Add option for Party Recall
-- Fix Hunting Zone Z height target
-- Removed oudated multi-zone support
-- Fixed Wizard not use debuff in level 20 issue
-- Party Recall now working in all oracle classes
-- Now character get buffs from Community Board commmand (custom)
Add Wait Spoil/Attack support function
-- Minor fixes
-- Add support for get action icons
-- Ignore Wait Spoil/Attack if has target above 10 seconds
-- Add check if party member also in combat mode for use rebuff function
-- Add support for kill monster near party members if rebuff time is active (Hunting Zones supported only)
Fix Fatal Strike skill weapon
-- Add Fish support
-- Improve Healer functions
-- Adding some Ignore Monsters
-- Fix skill try use if not have mp
-- Add configurable Follow Functions
-- Increase Heal distance 600 to 700
-- Add IgnoreList for all Raid Bosses and Minions
-- Fix Blaze skill max level in Necromancer class
-- Now not allow summon near npc, fix skill cancel
-- Spirit of Sagitarius buff used in Aditional Buffs
-- Fix Fast Next Target with Bow weapon like Mystic classes
-- Fix Support skills use in same time (Cleanse, Heal, Ress)
-- Fix buff reuse if is canceled by any action, char stuck actions
-- Skill Sublime Self Sacrifice use if party have 10 percent of mp or lower
-- Fix Noblesse Blessing in dead corpse or buff near npc if not support class
-- Fix Follow movement if party is in long range from leader position, default range: 3000
Fix Kamael not use Shield and Dual Dagger function
-- Fishing use S-Grade only
-- Improve fishing functions
-- Fishing using custom buffer
-- Removed Buffed voice command
-- Fix clear target self use buffs
-- Removed not necessary area skills
-- Fix mpConsume check SkillAvailable
-- Fix Grand Khavatari buffs with Fist
-- Improved Ai for use next target command
-- Add function isNight, check night in game
-- Fix Easy Configs not enable function if not have the skill
-- Add another function for check buff time, CheckRebuffExpire
-- Fix OnTargetSelected reset attack delay for help supporters
-- Add function HaveSkillList, for check if have skills in list
-- Moved auto buff feature scripts to plugin, now use StartThread
-- Add function for remove some buffs in Support Class (Premium is
-- Function CheckFarmZone resumed if user is not is movement only (in
-- Fix Fix Use any magic skill near monster block action (like Cubics,
-- Fix functions break RessPartyClan, SupportHeals,
NoblesseBufferManager, Supporters
-- Fix function FollowLeader, stuck if character not CanSeeMe, move to
target position
Fix Spoil use level diference (10 level)
-- Fix PvP Defence buffs
-- Removed unnecessary code
-- Fix Nobless buff near npcs
-- Fix Mana Potion reuse delay
-- Fix PvP functions and skills
-- Add option for use Spoil skill
-- Improve Dominator debuff in area
-- Add function for Pet use Mana Potion
-- Add more debuffs in list for support clean
-- Add option for stop Hunting Zones immediately
-- Fix AI not reset target system in party leader
-- Test coroutine for use buff function in plugin
-- Fix user not show option for use Kamael Weapons
-- Now Spoil Classes enable weapons for use skills
-- Fix probable user not get target L2NpcInstance (Scripts)
-- Fix user not show option if not have Shield Attack skills
-- Add functions for use Spirit of Shilen and Flame Icon buff
-- Add function for stop AI in party, use chat type (#ai stop)
-- Cleanup newbie function from html, now use command zone for start

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05-01-2020 06:57 AM
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JennaDeh Offline

Posts: 28
Joined: Apr 2018
Reputation: 1000
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RE: Farm AI Plugin: All DPS, Oracles and Healer classes!

Plugin always on sale, updated price, 500 USD (Source Code) Smile
Contact: Buy in Discord (Click for open Discord)

FarmAI Plugin
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05-26-2022 01:21 AM
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