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FAQ - Download, Install, Run
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FAQ - Download, Install, Run

FAQ - Download, Install, Run

1. From where I can download L2 Tower Bot ?
L2 Tower bot you can download from http://www.l2tower.eu forum. You can find direct link in forum header or use this: http://files.l2tower.eu/l2tower.zip. This link will always point to latest base version (update may be needed).

2. Where I should unpack L2Tower Bot ?
You can unpack it anywhere you wan't but. We don't recommend to unpack it to lineage 2 system folder or some folders what have long path name.
Path to folder should be short and shouldn't contain any language specific characters (like cyrillic or polish chars). The best option is C:\L2Tower\

3. How I can run L2Tower bot ?
To start do anything you have to run L2Tower.exe, it can ask you for update or network connection, you should agree, also you should know that we will log into our database information about your IP, L2Tower version, date, hardware key. It's only for statistic purpose what admins see on forum.

4. How I can inject L2Tower bot into game to make it work ?
The easiest option is just to select in L2Tower path to your .exe file and then just press Run & Inject. More advanced users can use patch local feature or inject into process/window.

5. When I should inject L2Tower bot into game ?
True is that you can do this anytime you wan't. The best way is to inject it before you select your character. After that time when you already longed-in you may need to re-log or force sending UserInfo packet (tele-porting, evaluate someone, get some flame, ...)

6. Game client closes when I inject bot, what to do ?
If there is no error message then its for 100% anti-bot. You may ask for help other players/authors on forum. But don't expect much. If there is some critical error or message you can ask for help in public section.

7. When I try to inject into process I get message that there is no process found. What to do ?
That message show up when game client is not started or Bot .dll is already injected into client. If after client restart you got same message and global/local patching feature is off you need to check what .dlls are loaded into game process (use process explorer), if that process contain L2Tower2.dll that mean you need to turn of global patching in manual way.

8. When I try to inject bot into game I got message "Call to LoadLibraryW in remote process failed", what to do ?
This message shows up when dll can't be loaded. Make sure that bot location is simple like C:\L2Tower, also make sure than you got installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistribute Package you can check this by running script editor (won't show hints about synax on bottom of window when you type script), also you have to install .NET Framework 3.5, 4.0. You can also try other injection methods.

9. I got critical error when I use bot, what to do ?
Copy error log (if not possible - make screen), and create new post in Bugs section what describe your problem - what are you was doing when game/bot crashes, what is your game version, system version, do you got installed all necessary libs.

10. I got critical error when running game about "Virtual Memory"
First of all it's not L2Tower fault, clean you hard disk, get more space, also you can adjust value of virtual memory in windows.

11. I got error "Are you sure you are starting right file. Error injecting into process or acces denied."
Error shows up when game or l2tower bot are running with different privileges. Run game and l2tower bot as administrator to resolve that problem.

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