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  • Fixed DisableAutoTarget
  • Fixes for LearnAllSkills
  • Some minor updates for inv items info
  • Added rebuild of L2TowerEditor db files when they changed
  • Added support for L2TowerCommunity Server (more info bellow)
  • Disabled chat log to file, you can re-enable this in logSettings.txt

L2TowerCommunity server:
Added chats:
& - global chat with all L2Tower users (1 message every 2 min for Free users, 30s for VIP users) (uses a clan chat filter).
* - chat with all L2Tower users what plays in same server (1 message every 1 min for Free users, 15s for VIP users) (uses a ally chat filter).
" - personal message to user (use l2tower username followed by # or $ char), like "developer$ <msg>

Added plugin events:
OnL2TChatSystemMsg(message, isError)
OnL2TChatGlobalMsg(user, message, connectionId)
OnL2TChatServerMsg(user, message, connectionId)
OnL2TChatPersonalMsg(user, message, connectionId)
OnL2TChatHiddenMsg(user, message, connectionId)

Added script/plugins functions (only VIP users):
bool chat.isConnected()
bool chat.sendGlobalMsg(msg)
bool chat.sendServerMsg(msg)
bool chat.sendPersonalMsg(user, msg)
bool chat.sendPersonalMsg(user, connectionId, msg)
bool chat.sendHiddenMsg(user, msg)
bool chat.sendHiddenMsg(user, connectionId, msg)

Added new commands:
/info - global info about server (if you got plugin with command /info, please change it or remove)
/infoserver - info about L2 server and count of L2T players
/infouser_username - info about L2Tower user

Added options in L2Tower loader:
Advanced->'Disable L2Tower Community Server feature' (in case if you don't want to use it)

VIP users can create open application that can connect to server and send own hidden pms. You will be limited only to sending and receiving personal messages. Message size limit is 65535 bytes.

Server info: Host: community.l2tower.eu, Port: 1212, Protocol: TCP
Message format:
uint16 - message size in Big-endian (3+sizeof(payload))
uint8 - message id (see proto file)
payload - rest of messages in protobuff encoded format.

More info about API messages format in http://files.l2tower.eu/L2TMsg.proto
First message what you should send is AuthReq with API_KEY visible in your profile, don't fill optional fields.

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