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  • Fixed pet buffs
  • Own pet, myself & party members won't be targeted with shift from now.
  • Added missing max range settings to pet buffs.
  • Fixed bug when monster attack blocks target.
  • Changes in target managment for locking target.
  • Fixed using heal skill InCombat. From now this option should work.
  • Fixed healing pet. (bug in html)
  • Fixed pickup after attack. Now should work correct. (Not tested)
  • Extended delay between /sit and /stand to 5 seconds.
  • Added new command /xcfg what shows external editor.
  • Changed configuration file format. From now we use binary format, in that file here is all configuration saved include monster settings.
  • All configuration files are now saved in "config" subdirectory of l2tower. You can delete all .bin, .ini files and folders what looks like path to your game directory.
  • PVP targeting, pet auto-attack, mele auto-attack, don't target with shift settings aren't saved to file now (enable/disable options). Don't forget to turn them on after load new config file. In next version this will be fixed.
  • Fixed few nasty bugs (1 old one) what could make bot logic stuck.
  • Added new shiny nuke system, including one time skill use, death target use or use skill every some time.
  • Fixed in spoil/sweep system to make it work faster.
  • Updated Sit/Stand settings, I personally call them Sleep Settings now. They may work a bit unstable with new targeting module.
  • Added test version of script editor, in future it will have more options and better help.
  • Updater from now won't delete old version but rename files.
  • Few minor performance fixes in l2tower bot and loader.
  • Added new functions to scripts: float User:GetRangeTo(float X, Y, Z), bool User:IsMonster(), bool User:IsInCombat().

Note: Please note that some features weren't fully tested but they work better than in Post any found bugs in Bugs & Problems section.

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04-27-2011 00:10 AM
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cool. the most common fuctions works perfectly. good job
04-29-2011 10:57 AM
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sal Offline

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same problem when someone attacks me, the bot take him target and hit him with the result of flagged
i think the resolve of that problem is not to take him target (cause when someone attacks you, by the game automatical target him) ,but not to attack him even if he is flagged or with karma
i always disable swift attack from pvp attack (i don't think this is problem right?)
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04-29-2011 14:07 PM
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