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  • Added PVE settings to external editor. You can set there what mobs spoil, what don't and other stuff. Just open [nick].bin file using it. In near future it will be more automated. Settings changes in-game during changing in editor. For more info ask Geddys.
  • Added support for loading bot on High Five. (May crash but will load, more tests needed)
  • Fixes in loader. Multi-threading fixed. Changes way how game send info messages to loader (now it use UDP not temp files like it was before).
  • Added scripts support. Still some work is needed, but even right now you can use it for some custom potions use, moving char, use items, skills, targeting. More options to control dialogs will come soon, and some "record" feature... More you can read here. In future there will be some plugin system based on scripts.
  • Added commands: scriptStart, scriptStop, scriptStopAll

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