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  • Loader updated
  • Reuse of MP potions changed from 15s to 500ms
  • Added new command for java servers called: /DontTargetWithShift - i thing i don't need to explain
  • Added new command /Dump what creates dump of all our data into file. If bot don't work like it should, stuck or something use this file to generate data dump and upload it on forum with some info what a problem is. We will look into it.
  • Same file is also created on crash. Game won't be closed but maybe be unstable and we strongly recommend to restart it in that case. Is very importat for us to get that CrashDump file. It will help fix nasty errors what showup...

Note: Dude to some changes in loader and compilation process if you have any problems with running bot - tell us.

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03-02-2011 22:00 PM
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