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Full Version: default preference
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first of all... thank you very much for this great program

now the question. is there a way to set default preferences globally for all chars?

i'm using L2TowerEditor for it. but if i want to set certain things that would need all my chars, like what item should i delete if i'm with overweight (arrows for example), i have to do it for each one of them

thx in advance

Yes and no...
No - right now you can only copy config file into new char settings, or create settings "default" one and then load them into game, you can also make plugin what after login will check if exists configuration for char if not can force load default one.
Yes - I will add this to code if I won't forget, update is planed for weekend...
thanks for the quick answer

it will be great to have some kind of default.l2t at loading time like you said
meanwhile i'm going to look into the plugin stuff

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