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Full Version: version 1.0 VS. 1.3
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The anti-hate and re-targeting after switch/aura flash/trick in Version 1.3 of L2tower isnt as good or as fast as version 1.0.

I've noticed that the Anti hate in v1.3 sucks compared to v1.0.

Also feels like everything is faster in v1.0 you can also see who is targeting who in v1.0.
You see, there was lot of code added since that. Application is slower what is normal. Code what handle targeting is different too. About that titles, we will add it. There was just some problems with that (random crashes), thats why I didn't enable it.

In next week I got plans to switch updater and add support for more hook libs & anoder way of system folder patching. It will be released as 1.4. Then I can look at it and rewrite some code for attacking, targeting, cannot see target problem. But my next target will be change internal GUI menu, drop support for external, add some radar and make better plugin integration -> move GUI generation to scripts.

But now I got exams, projects for studies and need to drink, eee I mean learning...
You think everything would run fast agian if you made the targeting and anti-hate as a seperate dll being injected? For example one dll is targeting only and the other dll does all the other bot functions.
No, it won't make diffrence...
The main problem is a targeting algorithm, it's triple checking lot of things before target. And there is set hard delay for about 400 ms or more to prevent send 2 target commands (2 target commands = attack).
That's a main problem...
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